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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Monday, September 20, 2010

talking to tania

Tania Griasnow,
Program Coordinator for Russia,
Ukraine, and sometimes Moldova
Today, the lady (Tania) that is assigned to us from our referring agency (Carolina Adoption Services) called.  She answered a few questions and told us what our next step would be... signing an agreement & paying the fee for Part A ($3,500).  Then, we will get another set of steps and papers to work toward completing our dosier!!!!  It's starting to hit me how we are REALLY doing this!!! 

Last night, I completed one of the online training modules and a quiz for part of our 12 hours of training necessary for the homestudy... It was really helpful in understanding just how much of a shock and change our little girl will be going through when we go to get her! 

Today, I picked up the 2 medical papers for the girls when I took Ari (who's sick with asthma and bronchitis) to the pediatrician.


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