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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Updates from 2013:  

In November 2012, we moved from Ohio to Virginia because of Jason's job.  It was a huge change for us, and had to be accomplished from start to finish in about 3 weeks.  We tried to sell our home in Ohio while renting in Virginia.  After we no longer could pay for both houses, God sent us the perfect renter who needed our house as much as we needed her!  During this time, we also were considering domestic adoption because we were going to have to change all the paperwork (home study, USCIS, etc.) because of the move.  Since there had been little hope of movement in the adoption world in Moldova, we were hesitant to change everything to just find out that we wouldn't be able to adopt from Moldova.  But then, in February, we heard about a little 7 year old girl that would change our thinking and motivate us to continue!  I didn't blog this year, but I kept quick notes of the highlights:

Feb 21, 2013-Thursday- I called to see if there was any hope of referral... Thinking we might do domestic adoption.

Feb 25, 2013-  monday- agency sent picture and medical ... Her name was N.!  Jas found out (from a guy at work) about a lady in our area that was from  Moldova!  She lived in Chisinau and moved here 2 yrs. ago.

Feb. 26, 2013 - tues.CAS said similiar age (in Ari and N.) was ok... I cried because it seemed impossible to afford.  I said maybe we could get a house call (ohio house) tomorrow... 

Feb. 27, 2013 Wed. started paperwork, felt better... 2 contacts about house!

Feb. 28 (Thursday) The lady from Chisinau emailed me.  A couple came to see the house!

March 1, 2013 (fri) talked to Nichole Barth who is also struggling financially and has a possible referral!  hard to trust... Chisinau lady called... We are amazed at how God gave us a contact that knows Romanian, is my age, worked in the capital, and has family that can help us with housing etc. in Chisnau!  Going to meet her and her husband (who was 10 years in Russia and Moldova) next weekend.

March 2 (sat) spent a couple hours in the morning getting through all the paper pile... Called sherif about background checks... They didn't transfer me once and were SO helpful!  I think we can do this!!!! Jas hasn't felt good for a month...  Lots of  stress... 

March 4 (Monday)   So many things to do... Jas did 3/4 of the taxes tonight while I filled out and addressed what I could of the last of the paperwork... Pretty overwhelmed!

March 5, tried to call the lady covering for Trisha wood this afternoon to get answers for a few questions on the homestudy... Jas finished taxes and is going to go to the dr tomorrow to get the paperwork started for that!  Cleaned some this evening... Still not feeling great, but Ari and I seem a little improved and so does jas... Finally had sun the last 2 days!  

March 6 (Wednesday) 
Im grumpy today... Jas went to the dr and liked her.  Got that paperwork in.  We dropped off the car for inspection.  Then Rick called back and wants to buy the house!!!!!!!!  Also talked to Marie Givner from CAS... She thinks that we won't have to notarize, certify, and apostille everything this time around!  Electric was out, and we had fun with candles.  It came back just before bed!

March 7 thurs.  things just look so good today.  It's sunny,  Jas' car passed inspection and is home, we are feeling a little better, our new dishwasher is being delivered, and jas is getting all the DMV stuff done tomorrow!  Hopefully, the guy will call back in a while so we can settle on a price for the house. 

March 18,2013 (mon) we had 4 house showings over the weekend and today... Hoping!  Talked to Tania today.  Albina might visit the orphanages over the next weeks... I need to email questions for her to ask. :)

April 3,2013
Jas got the life insurance info. for me today.  The girls and I celebrated Nicoleta's 8th birthday with USA candles and a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and fish sprinkles and heart sprinkles and an umbrella (like a beach where she's coming to).  We all wished for her, and I prayed for her... Hopefully, next year she'll be celebrating here with us!!!  Love my girls!

April 16, 2013
Almost done with our homestudy update packet!  Hopefully, I'll send it in tomorrow?!  Found an HR lady here that is really helpful! :)

April 18, 2013 
Got the money orders, finished the financial paper, and picked up pictures from Walmart... Then, SENT OUR HOMESTUDY PACKET!!!!  Celebrated Jas' raise and getting paperwork done with blizzards and pizza!

Met with Diane, our social worker.  Hoping she's going to have the home study done by Monday cause Trisha is pushing us both to hurry.

Summer 2013
We met a lifeguard (Sergiu) that was from Romania.  He introduced us to Loriana, Constantine, and David (also from Romania).   Loriana introduced us to another friend (Claudia) who was also from
Romania.  So, we have lots of friends that can help us learn the language and understand our little girl once we bring her home!!

10/2/2013.  It may really be happening!  Tania called to tell us we should get the referral for Nicoleta in a couple weeks!  Albina fought hard for us!! :)

10/4/2013. Sending the I800A renual today.  Adrienne is moving in to rent our house in Ohio today.  Been a crazy week!!

October 25, 2013.  Called Tania today.  She said there's a meeting on  Monday, and we may possibly leave at the beginning of November!!!  I'm nervous and really sad about leaving the girls for 30-35 days!!  But, by the end of the night, it had started sinking in that we are going to see Nico finally!!!!!  :D

October 31, 2013.  We got the referral while I was at the dentist.  We took it to the library for notarizing after work, scanned, and sent it back to Moldova... We said YES!!!!  It really hit Jas today at work as he read about her personality!  She makes gifts and is creative and likes to sing and dance!!! He's really excited!!  She's going to fit in perfectly!!!!

November 6,2013
We got more papers on Nicoleta including her birth certificate and more of her history.  Tania says that Albina thinks we will have article 16 on Friday!!!  

November 15, 2013
Purchased our tickets!  We are leaving in one week!  We were supposed to leave Monday, but the state dept. didn't resolve something.  So, we still get to go though!  We are staying through Christmas and our 13th wedding anniversary!  My dream- an anniversary in Europe!! :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
We found out for sure that we weren't going to be able to travel until January because 2 paperwork things (article 16- a summary on Nicoleta from the Moldovan government needed to finish our I 800 for her and 17B - permission from the U .S. State Dept. allowing us to meet Nicoleta and have our visits count toward the 30 day bonding period) didn't come in, in time.  This was a really hard thing to deal with because we had allowed it all to become real in our minds.  However, I found out what amazing friends and family we have... They were so encouraging and loving.  It took some of the sting out of the news.

Tues., November 26, 2013
Especially depressed today... Did some cleaning for Thanksgiving... Then, at 5:00 pm Tania called and said we should get the 16 by email tomorrow , and 17B has been resolved... So, possibly we will still travel in December and be back before Christmas... Emotional roller coaster month!  

December 2nd, 2013
Our 1800 was sent tonight!  It was a VERY stressful day, but it's over!! :)

Wednesday, 12/11/2013
We were told Monday that we have dates: 12/28/2013 - 2/9/2014.  We weren't expecting a 6 week trip.  But, we are going to see our girl!! 
 I woke up worried about whether we should take Kylie and Ari along too... I'm thankful for good advice from friends and family.  What a rollercoaster of emotions the last couple months have been!  

Thursday, 12/12/2013
Today:  Ordering tickets 2.0