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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Things

I was just thinking of a few things that I wanted to remember...

First, the girls said they wanted to adopt because they need another person to play duck, duck goose. Well, now that's the best reasoning ever... lol!!

And, once maybe a year or more ago I said, "Just think of it like getting a car." For some reason, this hit home with Jason; it was do-able. And, from then on, he was open to the idea of international adoption. So, thank God that He had me say that just like he had me say, "I'll try just about anything once," back when we were dating (which led to our first kiss ;)

Last night, Jason watched part of our first adoption video together (an informational one from CAS)... He didn't get the whole way through it, but it was a start for his part of the research... He also had me send the links for the agencies to his work email so he could look at them... I'm excited to get his opinion on the best one...

And, the Yahoo Group that we joined is amazing! They are all so helpful and encouraging!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another baby...

On Saturday, we heard about a little girl that may need a home closer to us... Jason and I are talking and praying about this option, and Jason even mentioned that maybe we are supposed to have more than 3! I was excited, but tried not to act like it... Awesome that he's open to that!!