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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are you her REAL mom?

Yep!  I sure will be, and I think that I'm dreading this question... I kinda worry a bit about how my youngest will feel if she's singled out and people say rude things in front of her... I never want her to feel like she's different in a bad way!  She's my girl, just like Kylie and Ari are.  She has special qualities that make her, her!  She's loved just the same and is, in fact, my REAL child!!!  :)  I'm actually not sure how I will respond yet to the questions that people will ask.  I guess that will come with experience... :)  But, I know that people will ask crazy questions.  They most likely never intend to hurt anyone, and I know that.  I think it will be an opportunity to help other people understand more about adoption and help them to see that what they say could actually hurt.  But, I don't want people to feel weird around us either like they might ask the wrong question... I mean, I don't even know the right questions yet!  lol!  In fact, I'm kinda scared that I have already done this in the past, maybe within the last weeks... So, don't be afraid to talk and ask stuff... just try to think how you might feel if asked that question and maybe don't do it when the girls are around... :) 

Here's another mom's (who's adopted from Moldova twice) post about this... link

lol!  Here are some of my favorite teeshirts!  :) They are all linked!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What our girl may have gone through if left in Moldova....

Kelly Ozley (a mom who's adopted 2 girls from Moldova already- her blog's on the sidebar) emailed me today to offer help with anything we had questions about!  That was SO sweet of her, and I'm so thankful because we don't know anyone really who has adopted internationally, let alone from Moldova!!  lol!  Anyway, she shared this video with me!  Just seeing these girls, makes me SO sad!  One of those may have been our girl someday... someone who has no value in her mind and who's never heard about Jesus' love for her!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

down to the wire...

On Thursday, I wrote my autobiography paper.  Whew!  That's over with!  ;) 

Friday, Jas did the employment verification paper... Then, we had a night off and went out to just enjoy ourselves- kid free!  :)

Saturday, we cleaned and then Jas proof read my paper and wrote his own autobiography.  We also purchased the online classes that are required by our referral agency (CAS).  ($149) We were going to watch them while the kids were out with Grandpa and Grandma, but we were having trouble getting the links. 

Sunday, the links were in my inbox, and we watched two of the modules and took the quizzes.  They are from Heart of the Matter Seminars and we are taking the Because They Waited Classes (10 hours of Hague compatible adoption education).  We both really liked it!  For the second set (they call them modules), we pulled the couches together and turned the computer toward us while we just laid there holding hands and snacking!  It was so fun! (By the way, Jas is so different from what he was like when we did lamaze classes! So funny how things change... He wasn't cracking jokes the whole time...We were so bad during those classes, especially when they turned off the lights and told us to breathe... we laughed so hard!  lol!)  Anyway, I got 100% on the first quiz, and he got 93%... But he beat me on the next quiz with a 100% to my 93%! 

Tomorrow, we need to finish everything else up...

-We have to get fingerprints done for the State and Federal Checks
-Call again for the amount of our morgage
-Finish the heritage paper and
-Watch 5 more hours of training...  

Tuesday, we have our final interview with our social worker Sandy!!!  This one will be individual interviews about the adoption.  We will also turn in the last of our paperwork for the homestudy and a packet of papers from CAS for Cherub... (which might mean a few more papers to fill out?)!!!!!!!!!!!  WOW!  Can't believe we've actually gotten this far this fast!!  :)  Yay!  It wasn't quite as scary as I had imagined... it was do-able!

Hopefully, our financial agreement comes in the mail tomorrow so that we can get that signed and send in the $3,500 to get the ball rolling with CAS...  I think our next part with them will be the immigration papers???  They will send it all when they get the money and agreement!  :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

fire inspection...

... didn't happen at 9:30 this morning... They were called out to a fire; so, I need to reschedule.  But, they only do Thursdays, and Sandy is coming next Tuesday for the paperwork... hmmmmm.... sounds like a slight problem... lol! 

-Cleaned and did laundry
-Paid Bills (took me FOREVER because I'm just getting used to this new responsibility again after many years of Jas doing it... I just don't have a brain made for this... I'm organized, but very poor at thinking it all out- do i save this or pay it off?, etc)
-Filled out part of Applicant Financial Statement (need to call to get the amount we still owe on the house and that's done except for one question about life insurance amount for Sandy)... OoooK, I just called them and my name isn't on our loan EITHER!  What the heck were we doing when we set everything up?!  My name wasn't on our checking and we had to fix that in order for me to write checks... now, I can't even find out how much we owe on our house!  GGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!  On the bright side, we are getting things fixed up right.... :)

-Called and rescheduled the fire inspection for the afternoon.  It's done!  And, we passed!!!  I get so nervous with these things!!! (They told me we should paint our house number a contrasting color so I just went out there and played artist with my black paint... weeeee!  It was fun! :)

<------- Fireman Greg Beegle

-Started writing the autobiography paper that's required for the homestudy (I've been putting this sucker off!  lol!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

on the lookout for adoption books...

Here it is:

Ok, so adoption books for kids and for siblings of adopted kids are sorely lacking! :(  I've been searching and searching... I always like to read books about whatever we are interested in at the time (bugs, flying, etc...); so, this is definitely crimping my style!  If anyone knows of some good kid's books, please leave a comment!!  I found this one today in one of my searches (which are actually more like wanderings from one adoption site to another totally unrelated adoption  I actually started out looking for Heritage Plan ideas and ended up frustrated again about not finding this book at our!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Heritage Plan Ideas

So, I need to write a paper for our homestudy with our heritage plan (how we will incorporate our child's heritage, traditions, etc. in our home)...  This is something that I LOVE to do anyway with Kylie and Ari; so, I'm enjoying collecting ideas!!  I'm going to keep them in this post so I don't forget!!  lol!

Gotcha Day:  "We celebrate three Adoption Days a year to honor not only each child, but how we became a family. Each celebration is much like a birthday, complete with cake and the singing of "Happy Adoption Day to You." But we have party bags for all of our kids rather than larger gifts for the celebrant alone. I also take the opportunity to share cake at school, and to teach the child's classmates about adoption through an interactive presentation. The teachers are always warm to this idea, and the kids are receptive."  -Cindy Roberts

Ellen from Cherub shared that she bought 18 little age-appropriate gifts for her daughter's birthdays from China.


talking to tania

Tania Griasnow,
Program Coordinator for Russia,
Ukraine, and sometimes Moldova
Today, the lady (Tania) that is assigned to us from our referring agency (Carolina Adoption Services) called.  She answered a few questions and told us what our next step would be... signing an agreement & paying the fee for Part A ($3,500).  Then, we will get another set of steps and papers to work toward completing our dosier!!!!  It's starting to hit me how we are REALLY doing this!!! 

Last night, I completed one of the online training modules and a quiz for part of our 12 hours of training necessary for the homestudy... It was really helpful in understanding just how much of a shock and change our little girl will be going through when we go to get her! 

Today, I picked up the 2 medical papers for the girls when I took Ari (who's sick with asthma and bronchitis) to the pediatrician.



When we tell people we are adopting from Moldova, they usually ask these questions.... :)

Where is Moldova? in Eastern Europe bordered by Romania and Ukraine

Won't she speak another language? Yes, she will probably speak Moldovan (which is basically like Romanian). She may have some language delays from being in an orphanage situation, but most young children easily pick up another language. She will have plenty of practice with the girls talking to and playing with her. :)

Why Moldova? Romania is closed to adoptions right now, and I wanted to choose a place close to that country. Moldova is a very poor country that has a VERY high sex trafficking rate. We would love to have the chance to help one little girl escape probable prostitution, trafficking, or life on the streets. We would also like her to have the chance to become a follower of Jesus and live in a loving home. :)

How much does it cost? It's about $40,000-$45,000. We hope to get help from some grants and will get a $13,000 (?) tax refund after the adoption is complete. But, yes, we will probably have to take out a loan. BUT, it's soooooo worth it!!!!!!!! :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blowing Kisses

I started blowing kisses to our little girl the last time we were in PA.
Just today, I found this poem that says just how I feel...

Kisses in the Wind
Author Unknown
I hold you in my heart and touch you in my dreams.
You are here each day with me, at least that's how it seems.
I know you wonder where we are.. what's taking us so long.
But remember child, I love you so and God will keep you strong.
Now go outside and feel the breeze and let it touch your skin...
Because tonight just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.
May God hold you in His hand until I can be with you.
I promise you my darling, I'm doing all that I can do.
Very soon you'll have a family for real, not just pretend.
But for tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.
May God wrap you in His arms and hold you very tight.
And let angels bring the kisses that I send to you each night.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


On our way to the doctor for Kylie's physical today, I got a call from Carolina Adoption Services (CAS)! She told us that she would be sending us a packet with the next steps and that we were accepted!!!!!! So, I texted Jas and told him that our little girl is in Moldova!!!!! (I was nervous after a call from them yesterday about our medicine... They had to check to see that Moldova didn't have a problem with us being on depression medications.) He told me later that this was what finally made it all sink in for him! He was excited and told some people at work!!! Then, I finished the doctor appointment (but they hadn't completed the papers for the medical forms); so, i will have to go back in to get those (grrrr).

Then, we had Bill and Janet over to tell them that they were going to be Grandparents again!!! Janet was sooo excited... After a couple minutes, I think it sunk in and she said, "I'm going to be a Grandma again!!!!" They both hugged me and asked about it! Bill was totally suprised. It's nice to be able to tell everyone now!!!!! :) She asked if she could tell some people... :)

On Tuesday (sept. 14), we met with Sandy (our social worker)!!! She interviewed Jas and I about our family and lives. She also talked to the girls and went on a tour of our house to do the safety audit. We filled out 2 other papers with her too.

-I typed a paper for the references to let them know what to include in their letters and addressed / stamped envelopes for them...
-Jas sent my Child Abuse paper to PA.
-Jas sent our request for a certified marriage licence.
-I called to set up an appointment for next Thursday for our Fire Inspection.
-Called our HR person to find out how much life insurance we have (for the financial paper)
-Kylie's physical + paper
-Jason's physical + paper

Funny how much we do in a day... It just seems like a bunch of little things and nothing really is finished, but it does seem like a lot when I write it out! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun Stuff I Found!

Images are Linked... These people are donating money from their purchases to help families who are adopting!

Telling Mom and Dad

Last weekend, we got to tell mom and dad and the family that they are going to be grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. again! I wore my paper pregnant t-shirt on Thursday night after we got there (9/2/10) cause I couldn't wait any longer! Mom was totally suprised, and I told her all about it for probably an hour! The next morning she told me that she was so excited to get to tell her girlfriends (who were all adding or had just added new grandchildren to their families)! It made me so happy to see her so excited!! We went for a walk and told Laura and Josh (aunt and uncle) on Friday night. I kinda felt sad because I know that they are waiting to adopt too, and I didn't want to make them feel bad... All the family came over Sunday night to have a garbage can meal over the fire and we got to tell them too! :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Applications Sent and We're Accepted!

Ari and Kylie both started their first full week of school; so, I started working really hard on all the papers for the applications and homestudy! On Tuesday, we sent in both applications (to Cherub and to Carolina)!!! We of course took pictures!

Here's what we've done so far:

*filled out application for Cherub (7 pages) and Jason found out his salary for me to finish CAS's application (3 pages)

*got approval from the rest of the people we will use for references (and their addresses/ phone #s)

*called the police department who sent me to the sheriff's department to find out about FBI and state background checks and fingerprinting

*called the fire department to find out what we needed to do to get ready for the fire inspection

*Jas checked on getting a 5lb. fire extinguisher that we have to mount on the wall for that

*emailed both agencies with questions

*kept track of all spending and bills and got ready to pay the bills online (Jas has been doing it for several years for us.)

*called the pediatrician and family doctors to see if we needed physicals to fill out the health check papers (and set up appointments for Jas, Kylie, and I who haven't had one recently)

*filled out our part of the health papers

*got the neighbor to take a couple family pictures and sent them to Walmart to print (for our applications)

*got batteries for the smoke detectors

*went to the bank with Jas to get my name on our checking, to order checks and get temporary ones for the two applications

*thanked God that our income tax check came at EXACTLY the right time so that we could put almost 1/2 of it in the saving's account that we're using for the adoption

*requested adoption books from the library to fulfill part of the 12 hours of education that we need to do for the homestudy

*got some extra stamps and envelopes


On 9/1/10 Cherub emailed to say that we were accepted and to be getting some of the checklist done. Today, Ellen will call me to let me know some more details. Sandy will also call us soon! :)