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Monday, September 20, 2010

Heritage Plan Ideas

So, I need to write a paper for our homestudy with our heritage plan (how we will incorporate our child's heritage, traditions, etc. in our home)...  This is something that I LOVE to do anyway with Kylie and Ari; so, I'm enjoying collecting ideas!!  I'm going to keep them in this post so I don't forget!!  lol!

Gotcha Day:  "We celebrate three Adoption Days a year to honor not only each child, but how we became a family. Each celebration is much like a birthday, complete with cake and the singing of "Happy Adoption Day to You." But we have party bags for all of our kids rather than larger gifts for the celebrant alone. I also take the opportunity to share cake at school, and to teach the child's classmates about adoption through an interactive presentation. The teachers are always warm to this idea, and the kids are receptive."  -Cindy Roberts

Ellen from Cherub shared that she bought 18 little age-appropriate gifts for her daughter's birthdays from China.


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