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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are you her REAL mom?

Yep!  I sure will be, and I think that I'm dreading this question... I kinda worry a bit about how my youngest will feel if she's singled out and people say rude things in front of her... I never want her to feel like she's different in a bad way!  She's my girl, just like Kylie and Ari are.  She has special qualities that make her, her!  She's loved just the same and is, in fact, my REAL child!!!  :)  I'm actually not sure how I will respond yet to the questions that people will ask.  I guess that will come with experience... :)  But, I know that people will ask crazy questions.  They most likely never intend to hurt anyone, and I know that.  I think it will be an opportunity to help other people understand more about adoption and help them to see that what they say could actually hurt.  But, I don't want people to feel weird around us either like they might ask the wrong question... I mean, I don't even know the right questions yet!  lol!  In fact, I'm kinda scared that I have already done this in the past, maybe within the last weeks... So, don't be afraid to talk and ask stuff... just try to think how you might feel if asked that question and maybe don't do it when the girls are around... :) 

Here's another mom's (who's adopted from Moldova twice) post about this... link

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  1. You are a planner, aren't you? It's great that you're thinking ahead about this. I'm sure people say the "wrong thing" all the time when it comes to adoption. People say the "wrong thing" all the time to me about what happened to us last year. I think like you, though. I assume they're just trying to be nice and don't understand. You have your girls to protect, though. It may be easier for you to shrug off a stupid comment as well-intentioned than them so they're lucky you're already on the ball!