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Monday, September 20, 2010


When we tell people we are adopting from Moldova, they usually ask these questions.... :)

Where is Moldova? in Eastern Europe bordered by Romania and Ukraine

Won't she speak another language? Yes, she will probably speak Moldovan (which is basically like Romanian). She may have some language delays from being in an orphanage situation, but most young children easily pick up another language. She will have plenty of practice with the girls talking to and playing with her. :)

Why Moldova? Romania is closed to adoptions right now, and I wanted to choose a place close to that country. Moldova is a very poor country that has a VERY high sex trafficking rate. We would love to have the chance to help one little girl escape probable prostitution, trafficking, or life on the streets. We would also like her to have the chance to become a follower of Jesus and live in a loving home. :)

How much does it cost? It's about $40,000-$45,000. We hope to get help from some grants and will get a $13,000 (?) tax refund after the adoption is complete. But, yes, we will probably have to take out a loan. BUT, it's soooooo worth it!!!!!!!! :)

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