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Thursday, September 23, 2010

fire inspection...

... didn't happen at 9:30 this morning... They were called out to a fire; so, I need to reschedule.  But, they only do Thursdays, and Sandy is coming next Tuesday for the paperwork... hmmmmm.... sounds like a slight problem... lol! 

-Cleaned and did laundry
-Paid Bills (took me FOREVER because I'm just getting used to this new responsibility again after many years of Jas doing it... I just don't have a brain made for this... I'm organized, but very poor at thinking it all out- do i save this or pay it off?, etc)
-Filled out part of Applicant Financial Statement (need to call to get the amount we still owe on the house and that's done except for one question about life insurance amount for Sandy)... OoooK, I just called them and my name isn't on our loan EITHER!  What the heck were we doing when we set everything up?!  My name wasn't on our checking and we had to fix that in order for me to write checks... now, I can't even find out how much we owe on our house!  GGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!  On the bright side, we are getting things fixed up right.... :)

-Called and rescheduled the fire inspection for the afternoon.  It's done!  And, we passed!!!  I get so nervous with these things!!! (They told me we should paint our house number a contrasting color so I just went out there and played artist with my black paint... weeeee!  It was fun! :)

<------- Fireman Greg Beegle

-Started writing the autobiography paper that's required for the homestudy (I've been putting this sucker off!  lol!)

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