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Thursday, September 16, 2010


On our way to the doctor for Kylie's physical today, I got a call from Carolina Adoption Services (CAS)! She told us that she would be sending us a packet with the next steps and that we were accepted!!!!!! So, I texted Jas and told him that our little girl is in Moldova!!!!! (I was nervous after a call from them yesterday about our medicine... They had to check to see that Moldova didn't have a problem with us being on depression medications.) He told me later that this was what finally made it all sink in for him! He was excited and told some people at work!!! Then, I finished the doctor appointment (but they hadn't completed the papers for the medical forms); so, i will have to go back in to get those (grrrr).

Then, we had Bill and Janet over to tell them that they were going to be Grandparents again!!! Janet was sooo excited... After a couple minutes, I think it sunk in and she said, "I'm going to be a Grandma again!!!!" They both hugged me and asked about it! Bill was totally suprised. It's nice to be able to tell everyone now!!!!! :) She asked if she could tell some people... :)

On Tuesday (sept. 14), we met with Sandy (our social worker)!!! She interviewed Jas and I about our family and lives. She also talked to the girls and went on a tour of our house to do the safety audit. We filled out 2 other papers with her too.

-I typed a paper for the references to let them know what to include in their letters and addressed / stamped envelopes for them...
-Jas sent my Child Abuse paper to PA.
-Jas sent our request for a certified marriage licence.
-I called to set up an appointment for next Thursday for our Fire Inspection.
-Called our HR person to find out how much life insurance we have (for the financial paper)
-Kylie's physical + paper
-Jason's physical + paper

Funny how much we do in a day... It just seems like a bunch of little things and nothing really is finished, but it does seem like a lot when I write it out! :)

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