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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Applications Sent and We're Accepted!

Ari and Kylie both started their first full week of school; so, I started working really hard on all the papers for the applications and homestudy! On Tuesday, we sent in both applications (to Cherub and to Carolina)!!! We of course took pictures!

Here's what we've done so far:

*filled out application for Cherub (7 pages) and Jason found out his salary for me to finish CAS's application (3 pages)

*got approval from the rest of the people we will use for references (and their addresses/ phone #s)

*called the police department who sent me to the sheriff's department to find out about FBI and state background checks and fingerprinting

*called the fire department to find out what we needed to do to get ready for the fire inspection

*Jas checked on getting a 5lb. fire extinguisher that we have to mount on the wall for that

*emailed both agencies with questions

*kept track of all spending and bills and got ready to pay the bills online (Jas has been doing it for several years for us.)

*called the pediatrician and family doctors to see if we needed physicals to fill out the health check papers (and set up appointments for Jas, Kylie, and I who haven't had one recently)

*filled out our part of the health papers

*got the neighbor to take a couple family pictures and sent them to Walmart to print (for our applications)

*got batteries for the smoke detectors

*went to the bank with Jas to get my name on our checking, to order checks and get temporary ones for the two applications

*thanked God that our income tax check came at EXACTLY the right time so that we could put almost 1/2 of it in the saving's account that we're using for the adoption

*requested adoption books from the library to fulfill part of the 12 hours of education that we need to do for the homestudy

*got some extra stamps and envelopes


On 9/1/10 Cherub emailed to say that we were accepted and to be getting some of the checklist done. Today, Ellen will call me to let me know some more details. Sandy will also call us soon! :)

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