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Sunday, September 26, 2010

down to the wire...

On Thursday, I wrote my autobiography paper.  Whew!  That's over with!  ;) 

Friday, Jas did the employment verification paper... Then, we had a night off and went out to just enjoy ourselves- kid free!  :)

Saturday, we cleaned and then Jas proof read my paper and wrote his own autobiography.  We also purchased the online classes that are required by our referral agency (CAS).  ($149) We were going to watch them while the kids were out with Grandpa and Grandma, but we were having trouble getting the links. 

Sunday, the links were in my inbox, and we watched two of the modules and took the quizzes.  They are from Heart of the Matter Seminars and we are taking the Because They Waited Classes (10 hours of Hague compatible adoption education).  We both really liked it!  For the second set (they call them modules), we pulled the couches together and turned the computer toward us while we just laid there holding hands and snacking!  It was so fun! (By the way, Jas is so different from what he was like when we did lamaze classes! So funny how things change... He wasn't cracking jokes the whole time...We were so bad during those classes, especially when they turned off the lights and told us to breathe... we laughed so hard!  lol!)  Anyway, I got 100% on the first quiz, and he got 93%... But he beat me on the next quiz with a 100% to my 93%! 

Tomorrow, we need to finish everything else up...

-We have to get fingerprints done for the State and Federal Checks
-Call again for the amount of our morgage
-Finish the heritage paper and
-Watch 5 more hours of training...  

Tuesday, we have our final interview with our social worker Sandy!!!  This one will be individual interviews about the adoption.  We will also turn in the last of our paperwork for the homestudy and a packet of papers from CAS for Cherub... (which might mean a few more papers to fill out?)!!!!!!!!!!!  WOW!  Can't believe we've actually gotten this far this fast!!  :)  Yay!  It wasn't quite as scary as I had imagined... it was do-able!

Hopefully, our financial agreement comes in the mail tomorrow so that we can get that signed and send in the $3,500 to get the ball rolling with CAS...  I think our next part with them will be the immigration papers???  They will send it all when they get the money and agreement!  :)

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