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Friday, July 22, 2011

We're moving along again!

Written 5/16/2011:

Right now, I'm a nervous wreck.  We just got our passports and birth certificates (back) in the mail today!  That, and our I800A have kinda been my excuse for not looking at the dossier checklist (because we were waiting for that stuff).  Well, I decided to read down through it some after being all excited with the girls that we got the passports... Bad idea... I think it's not too bad really because it looks like we have, or are waiting for, most of the documents that we need... (other than an employment and medical ones).  The part that freaks me out is the Notarized and State Apostille parts... We have to do the notarizing part (which is easy except for the medical and employment one) ... How do I find someone to tag along with me to the dr. and Jason's work... (He's the boss; so, how do we get his boss to sign all that in front of a notary if he's in FL???)  And, do I need to take the papers to Columbus (I'm assuming that's where the Apostille part comes in.) or just send them... And, it's $10 per document + I need to remember to tell them that it's for an adoption in the Republic of Moldova + I need to remember to ask if they are certified or something for another year... And, the worst thing is that the I800A and these notary/ apostilled things can all expire if I don't pay attention to when I need to renue them... I'm sure I'm going to do something stupid and mess the whole thing up....

Alright, it sorta helped to rant about all of that... I'm always terrified when I start a new part of this... I have NO CLUE what I'm doing and wish that I had a friend that was doing, or had already done all this to hold my hand through it all!  (And warn me when I'm about to screw it all up!)  But, I didn't have anyone when I was pregnant to talk to, and I guess I will be the first of our friends/ family to do this too... It turns out ok in the end, but is totally terrifying while we're doing it...

I am going to put some pictures of things we've gotten in the mail in this post... It's funny how when you're pregnant, you take pictures each month of your belly to document the progress... It's exciting but kinda boring to take pictures of mail each time it rolls!!! I can't wait until we have an actual picture of our little girl in one of those packages!! Now that will be an awesome picture!!!! :)  

We got our Revised Homestudy -
not sure of the date received...
(Which now includes Jason's court papers
 and remorse letter for squirrel hunting on
private land on accident back in 1997... lol!)  


  after some procrastinating (because I'm a big chicken)...
First Attempt at sending the 1-800A after getting
our revised homestudy back - 4/25/2011- notice the cost?
I miscalculated... lol!  we will be seeing this again!!

This isn't the exact picture, but I wrote another check and re-sent it all again... lol!

5/5/2011 They got our papers and will send an appointment soon...

5/12/2011 We have a biometrics appointment in Columbus!!

My pretty girls!
5/16/2011- Our passports came in the mail!!!!

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