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Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy again! :)

1/27/11  Filled out our first paper for the dossier (Application to Adopt) in a hurry one night.  CAS called and said that we needed to get it and a copy of our homestudy in before Feb. when the new changes would take effect for Moldova.  So, I filled it out one night and took it the next day to a Beavercreek bank (and a nice lady named Lydia) so that Jas could meet me during work to get it notarized.  She was really kind and just did it for us even if we weren't a part of that bank.  It wasn't a good day as I was starting a week long horrible reaction to an antibiotic.  I was really grumpy that I couldn't reach Jas at work to tell him when to meet me... Thankfully, it was all done, scanned, and sent off so that I could pretty much spend the next several days in bed and on the couch. 

1/4/11  We had a big ice storm this week, and the girls were home all but Monday and Friday.  Jas also had 2 snow days at the base!  :)  One morning, our electricity was off for a couple hours; so, I figured it was a good time to work on the I800A while the girls were playing board games.  It wasn't nearly the scary thing that all those pages of directions had me thinking it was! 

1/7/11  We encounted a little bump in the I800A... Just one litttle question for Jas slowed us down... We have to report any fines outside of traffic violations.  Well, just so happens that my husband was fined for poaching back in 1997!  It was a total accident, but after checking with our homestudy agency, CAS, and USCIS, we determined that we would have to have a certified copy of court papers (which took 2 trips to city hall today to get, but they didn't charge because i had to make 2 trips!  :)  and a letter of remorse signed and dated by Jas!  lol!  I can laugh now, but I kinda wanted to strangle the guy that told Jas it was ok to hunt on that land 14 years ago!  lol!  Anyway, I got those papers scanned and emailed to our homestudy agency so they can change the homestudy and send us the new papers to add to our copies.  I also need to add them to the I800A.  Once we get the homestudy revised (thankfully, no extra charge on this either!), we can send it all off to USCIS! 

1/7/11  Also dropped off the money we had to borrow from Mom and Dad to pay for our passports and the I800A at the bank... We have officially run out of money; but, thankfully, we won't have to pay any intrest this way!  We hope to pay them back once we get our tax return!  :)  Thanks, Mom and Dad!!!  :)

Another small problem... I can't find the girls' birth certificates!  Please pray that I can figure out where I put them!  We need to have them to do passports (Which I've been putting off because I didn't want to get everyone ready to go get pictures and then go to the Beavercreek Post Office to get them sent...Yep!  I'm a photographer who doesn't like to go get pictures!  lol! I also have to go get my driver's license done... I just don't like when you get stuck with a weird picture for 4 or 10 years!)

Now, for the fun stuff...

I think I want to make one of these for our little girl for a present for the plane ride...  Quiet Book LINK  (finished book link)  I remember having one of these as a kid in church, and it was so cool!  I think I might take ideas from this website and from my brother and I's book... I love educational things, and this would be fun for all the girls to play with together!  :)

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  1. Oh my gosh - that stuff about Jason's fine is pretty darn funny (now that it's all taken care of, that is). Good story! And I love the quiet book. That's so cool! I'll be sure to include you and the birth certificates in our daily prayer today.